Breathtaking View Of River Ganges

Posted on Monday, 6th May 19

I can’t resist sharing my experience of precious two days in Varanasi. While returning from our trip to Rajasthan, unfortunately, I missed my train and lost contact with my group of friends. On seeking help from the Indian Railways Personnels, I somehow got the ticket to Tamil Nadu, our next destination but that was from Varanasi and that too after two days. So, without a second thought, I decided to leave for Varanasi. On paying extra charges, I got the ticket to Varanasi. Making the most of two days I had, was the biggest challenge for me. I was looking forward to contacting a good travel service and one of my close friends, who had been to Varanasi few months ago, suggested me to contact EastSons Tourism. Within a short span of time, I made a call to EastSons Tourism. They arranged for my stay at EastSons Café on the bank of River Ganges. They even provided a Guide to let me cover the most important points of the city. And believe me, all in a very reasonable price. Breathtaking view of the ghats and river Ganges from dawn to dusk was the best part of the EastSons Café. Sitting on the stairs for hours with feet dipped in water of Ganges is such an incredible experience, the feeling of which is beyond description. I visited major attractions of the city – BHU, Vishwanath temple, Dashashwamedh ghat, Assi ghat, Ramnagar fort, Vishwanath gali, famous eateries like Blue lassi shop, Kashi chaat Bhandar, Keshav Paan and many more.

I left Varanasi not with a regret of missing my train rather of having very less time. I wish, I had more time because the city has a lot to be explored. But very soon, I’ll definitely visit Varanasi with sufficient no. of days in order to discern the beauty of such a lovely and lively city. Heartiest thanks to EastSons Café for making my sudden trip so memorable.