An Amazingly beautiful place

Posted on Monday, 6th May 19

Varanasi is an amazingly beautiful place,the temples, the holy River Ganges, the Ghats and the narrow lanes, I find myself strangely in love with this place. It’s such a spiritual place for the people who take a bath in it, wash their clothes in it, and even give their dead ones to it.

Families bring their sick member to the Ganges to bathe before they die because it is their holy place. Although I don’t know much about these religions, people come from all over India to bathe and to be cremated here in order to get salvation. Some groups of people are not allowed to be cremated though, for example children under five and pregnant women.
I have walked endlessly along the river , I attended “ Ganga Aarti? (prayers) in the evening which lasts around an hour, at the end everyone lits candles and floats them down the river with their wishes, I joined in and said a wee prayer. I went out in the boat to watch sunrise which was very calm and quiet, and passing through the burning ghats was very spiritual. The rituals of buying the wood, washing the body before making them wear clothes, making pyres to burn the bodies, each of which takes around 3 hours . After the cremation all the men go and bathe together in the river, really fascinating !

I wander back through the back lanes with my friend Kary when we stumble on local houses, we were lost and nearly ended up right in their homes and couldn’t find a out way out. Luckily enough they were very nice and treated us with great hospitality. They were very delighted to take some photographs with us. It gave us a bit of an insight into how they live there, which is just very simple.

We headed back along the river to the EastSons Café which had the most fantastic view looking at the River Ganges, you could see for miles. It was strange to see children and young men flying kites from the river bank and from the rooftops of hotels, lodges, homes etc.
Varanasi, really is a surreal place. Will visit it again very soon. Heartiest thanks to @EastSons’ Tourism which made our trip a great one by providing us with an awesome stay, very nice friend cum Tour Guide and the most important of all for the lip smacking (at the same time less spicy & less oily ) food items.